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Trisha Morton-Thomas




Trisha Morton-Thomas is a writer, producer, director and actor who has worked in film, television and media for over 25 years. She has a background in radio broadcasting, journalism, sound engineering, theatre and drama. Trisha is an Anmatyerr woman from Central Australia.


A first intake CAAMA (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association) alumni - along with Rachel Perkins, Warwick Thornton and Erica Glynn. – Trisha continues to creatively co-collaborate with this iconic Aboriginal production company through her own company, Brindle Films. Trisha was one of the first Aboriginal Commissioning Editor’s and later Senior Commissioning Editor at NITV (National Indigenous Television) and she is now a principle of NT based film production company, Brindle Films along with fellow producer, Rachel Clements.


Trisha has commissioned, executive produced, directed, written, presented and/or acted in hundreds of hours of film and television production including documentary drama, comedy, animation, music television and magazine style formats.


As an actor, Trisha’s first professional role was Mae in Rachel Perkin’s 1997 debut feature film Radiance. In more recent years, Trisha has appeared in the award winning ABC drama series Redfern Now, series 1 and 2, as the formidable Aunty Mona; as Lola in 8MMM Aboriginal Radio, (the first Australian Aboriginal narrative comedy series which Trisha also wrote and produced for the ABC) and most recently as Deborah Mailman’s mother, Jan in the critically acclaimed, ABC drama series - Total Control aka Black B!tch..(Premier Oct 2019). She featured in the TV miniseries Thalu and alongside comedy director and writer Craig Anderson, Trisha wrote, produced, directed and starred in the satirical documentary, History Bites Back. She starred as Barb Brewin’ in MaveriX, which she produced with Brindle for the ABC (Premier April 2022) and as Theodora in the SBS production, True Colours (Premier 2022).

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