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24. Occupation Native-TrishaMorton-Thoma


NITV/SBS | 52 Minute Documentary


Represented by the SBS Reconciliation Film Club 



Writer: Trisha Morton-Thomas

Director:  Trisha Morton-Thomas

Comedy Director: Craig Anderson

Producers: Rachel Clements, Meredith Garlick and Trisha Morton-Thomas


In this country, the Aboriginal story is often buried deep beneath the accepted 247-year Australian historical narrative.


It’s not that the Australian story is wrong, it’s just that it’s a wee bit one sided.


Getting all historical, Aboriginal filmmaker Trisha Morton-Thomas, bites back at Australian history.

Developed and produced in association with NITV


Screen Producers of Australia's “Best Documentary” - Winner

Capricornia Award, Darwin International Film Festival - Winner

2 x ATOM Award

“Rated by The Guardian as the 4th most important Australian television of 2017”


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