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Not Just Numbers

1 hr Documentary: SBS/NITV, Screen Territory, Screen Australia.


Watch this space...

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Children's Drama Series

Contracting. - ACTF, ABC, Screen Australia, Screen Territtory.


The Central Australian Desert Race is the largest youth dirt bike race in the country. Racers come from everywhere to complete.


In the desert, there is a training camp preparing local boys to win. Tensions are high as competition is fierce.


And then the girls set up camp next door. 


In the heat of the Australian desert – bikes, buggies, girls and rock ‘n’ roll – a recipe for fun, adventure and a little craziness!

The Walk-Ins

6 x 1hr drama series: Bible completed. Screen Territory.

What happens when the first people meet the latest people?

The Walk-Ins is an intimate drama set against a clash of cultures separated by 70,000 years, seen through the eyes of a family we’ve never met before:

Cloud Money

Feature Film:  drama/comedy. 2nd draft development,  Screen Australia.

An old female artist from a remote Aboriginal community runs away to France to see Claude Monet’s garden before her eyesight fails, sending her community and family into crisis as they realise that they need to send out a search party.

White Blokes

Musical Feature Film: Early Concept - Screen Territory.

Believing White men make better partners, an Aboriginal girl from the town camps of Alice Springs transforms herself to get the most popular white boy in school to ask her to the year twelve formal, only to realise the man of her dreams could also be the Aboriginal boy next door.

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